FREE 60 Minutes Initial Consultation

Make It HappenMeet The New You

For a limited time only, we are offering A FREE 60 minutes Initial Consultations ( Valued at $120) to give you the life time chance to see yourself through a new perspective and to give you 

the start point to 

Finding the New You Journey



 what will I get out of this Free Consultation?

We can go on and on about what benefits you can gain out of this consultation but we will be satisfied with listing on of the benefits which is that you will be taking the first step to Meeting The New You



In This Free Consultation you will be getting different tests, assessments and analysis and they may include:

  • Full health assessment, which include a case history (lifestyle, diet, current and past health factors)

  • Analysis & Diagnostics (as applicable to your case)
    • iridology assessment ( Physical and Emotional Analysis)
    • Skin, Nails detailed Analysis
    • Tongue Analysis
    • western diagnostics
    • blood glucose test
    • urinalysis pH
    • advanced Hair Tissue Analysis
    • salivary pH
    • zinc status test
    • pathology/referral requests
  • individual treatment prescription & health protocol

  • uniquely created dietary and lifestyle guidelines to follow

  • detailed naturopathic prescription


Please Note that the Free Consultation is by A appointment Only and you need to know that the waiting list I – 6 Weeks, but will definitely let you know if we have any closer bookings


Looking Forward To Meeting You

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