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Many of us are unfamiliar with the philosophies, methods, and treatments used in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Therapies are denoted as “complementary” when used in addition to conventional medical treatments and as “alternative” when used instead of conventional medical treatment. Studies show that CAM therapies are designed to safely and effectively treat and prevent various health conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoarthritis.

Many CAM therapies are denoted as “holistic,” which means that the healthcare professional considers the entire patient including the physical, spiritual, social and emotional aspects. In addition, many CAM therapies are referred to as “preventive,” which means that rather than simply treating the symptoms, the healthcare professional treats and simultaneously educates the patient to help prevent the symptoms from taking place again and again.

To break it down even further, CAM therapies may be grouped into five major fields including alternative medical systems, mind-body interventions, biologically-based treatments, manipulative and body-based methods, and energy therapies. These may  all be included in within your holistic medicine consultations

More and more people are discovering complementary and alternative treatments and their ability to promote wellbeing as well as relief of specific health problems as well as preventing it from existence.





About The CAM Inner Balance Health Clinic’s

Holistic Health Practitioner  

Nawar Karim

BSc .BHlthSc (Comp Med)


A Member and Registered with:

AIMA (Australian Integrative Medicine Association)

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society Limited)

Throughout her school life Nawar has always been a high achiever and was never satisfied till she does her best in everything along with a vision that she wants to be Proud of what she does in life. After graduating from year 12, her biggest fear was to choose the career that can fulfil her true passion which is to lead women to Better Health, More Wealth & Fulfilling Life.

A career that can add to her as a person, a career that can aid her goal in life to gain wisdom, a career that can give her the chance to witness the change in women’s lives, a career that can make her proud.

She loved Medicine and she loved Teaching and simply couldn’t choose one over the other so she started doing extra research and further studies to find her real dream which can combine the best aspects of Medicine and the best aspects of Teaching.

With God’s Blessings she found her dream in Holistic Medicine which has everything she have passion for and all the elements and knowledge that she needed to gain to be a real leader who can make a noticeable difference to patients’ lives.

She never wasted a second to start her journey to holistic medicine and enjoyed all the pain of studying till eight in the morning for seven years which followed by intense and exhausting years of placements, training and practice.

Combining the best of the latest science and the best of the oldest traditional Medicine makes Holistic Medicine what we all need to gain true health and wellbeing especially when combined with its other elements like real nutrition and spiritual fulfillments

Nawar believes in the miracle of life and of the body’s ability to heal itself given the right set of nutrition, support and circumstances. She gets excited about undertaking this extraordinary adventure alongside you. This passion drives her to explore the reasons why we may not be living our lives to our fullest healthy potential. It has also given her the impetus to continue further research and studies with a curious mind.

She enjoy utilizing all aspects of what she has learnt and finds herself tailoring a blend of physical assessments, emotional state assessments, practical lifestyle changes, nutrition, energetic medicine, common sense, herbal medicine and program creating to suit the individual needs of the person she is on the journey with. She like to develop a real sense of who that person is and what it is they are wanting to achieve in regards to their health and life. She  gained a deep understanding of the fundamental interconnectedness of the body as a whole and  truly doesn’t believe that her in-depth research and studying years are over, as she has a keen belief that the more you learn the more you realise the breadth and scope of what there is to be discovered and to learn the latest tools and techniques to be the health practitioner that deserves to be part of your transformation journey to Holistic Wellbeing.

Today Nawar is proud to be practicing from three clinics and is willing to keep helping women and their families reach their optimum health & wellbeing.

“My Holistic Medicine Journey was not easy, but surely was worth each tear of pain from all the hard work to get there.”


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