Body Detox Programs

At The CAM Inner Balance Health Clinic We believe in

{ The Whole Person Concept }

 which is what challenges us to strive a true Balance in

all aspects of your life.


At its core, The Whole Detoxification Concept is a Special Program to help your Body Balance your Emotional and Physical Health


Holistic Detoxification (Mind and Body Cleansing) is an approach that aims to rid the negative and unneeded thoughts and gets rid of the body of toxins at the same time. Our programs can help you get rid of the accumulated thoughts and harmful substances that allegedly exert undesirable effects on the individual’s health mentally and physically in the short or long term.


Holistic Detoxification usually includes one or more of the following:

  • Full Holistic Health Analysis (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Social)
  • Thoughts Analysing

  • Assessments and Coaching

  • Especial Dieting Programs

  • Fasting

  • Consuming exclusively or avoiding specific thoughts, foods and drinks


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