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 Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Hopeless?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Passionate Approach

If you answer yes to any of these questions know that you are not alone and

help is waiting for you to call for it

We are dedicated to lead you

Heal the body. Empower the mind. Nurture the soul

It is your life, your health, your destiny, your happiness so make it your choice and choose to act now to

find your Inner-Balance

and start enjoying the change in your body and mind

Contact us now and

don’t allow another moment of

 your life get wasted

At The CAM Inner Balance Health Clinic, We will help & support you through each step to reach your optimum health and nurture you to your fullest holistic wellbeing. Through eating plans, easy steps techniques, meditation and exercises. We empower you take control of your body and connect with life in a more meaningful way.

Holistic Health Practitioner Nawar Karim will coach you till you reach your

health and life goal. She will Create plans and programs that are tailored to your individual needs to bring your

body ,mind and soul in perfect harmony & balance.

Nawar will help you cut through information overload to create a wholefoods-based nutrition plan made just for you. Through proven techniques, she can help your breathing become more cleansing, your sleep to become more restful, and your movement to become more energising.

She’ll also help you slow down and reconnect with your gorgeous self, giving your

soul & spirit the chance to experience real Love.

Health & Life Coaching at The CAM Inner Balance Health Clinic

Health & Life Coaching is all about changing The State of your Mind, Changing the imagesnxaetcb8story that you keep telling yourself, understand the power of the inner mind,imagesnxaetcb8 Noticing self-talk, Redirect the Focus and imagesnxaetcb8leading you to the easiest and shortest way to reach your health & life goal.


Relax more

Experience true Love

Clarify your mind

Manage your time more efficiently

Reduce Stress

Learn easy techniques to stop hard addictions

Break the cycle of unhealthy lifestyle habits

Sleep better Increase energy and vitality

Enjoy the self-appreciation


Let’s start the Healthier You Journey to Meet The New You