Skin, Nail & Tongue analysis



Your Skin Speak

Your Nails Speak

Your Hair Speak


The Skin, Tongue and Nails can speak in a symptom language which explains what nutritional and minerals deficiencies your body is experiencing

How many times have you woke up in the morning and looked at yourself and just said to   WHY DO I HAVE THESE SPOTTS, BLEMISHES, DARKNESS UNDER MY EYES, dry skin, frizzy hair,  …………………………………………the list just keeps going on
Wellllllllll all of these symptoms means something in fact you should be thankful to each sign instead of feeling bad about it because it is your body telling you in its own special language that it is hungry and needs the special nutrition and minerals that it needs to help it be healthy and be gorgeous, soft and glowing as a result
People complain all the time about faults in their physical appearance. Those blemishes on the skin can be indicative of pathology deep within. Subtle changes in the color, shape or coating of the tongue can reveal dystrophy of specific tissues, organs and systems. Ridges, spots and other abnormalities of the nails are reflective of certain diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

Every blemish means something

Every spot means something

Every mole means something

Every dark spot means something

Every spot on a nail means something

Every ridges means something

Simply every abnormality means something


Subtle changes in the tongue can reveal a lot about the amount of bacteria in your body which we can identify and help minimize in order to achieve optimum health

 At the CAM Inner Balance Health Clinic we will run through and observe the Signs that you have in your face, tongue, hair and skin to give us a clear picture of the state of your health using Emotional and physical signs which appear on the surfaces.

We have a special plan of care for every sing and symptom of deficiency which can include a specially designed dietary plan and augmentations with food-based nutritional and herbal supplements which are prescribed and ordered to suit your exact needs of the specific deficiency.