Wight Loss & Management Programs

Are you living in A life where you think about everyone and everything except yourself???

We appreciate your busy mind and lifestyle


Let’s face it, we are living in a race against time which is what leaving us having to neglect things. Unfortunately what we usually neglect is our body and fail to give it the time it needs and the right fuel.

At The CAM Inner Balance Health Clinic We have Created a unique Holistic Weight Loss Program which has been thoroughly studied, researched , evaluated, tested and put together to suit your individual needs.

By using the Holistic Weight Loss Approach it grantees not only losing the weight but also maintain the goal weight.


We are confident that you can reach that because we will

target the real source and cause of your weight gain then illuminate it which

automatically illuminate the extra weight.



How To Start The Program?

We will book you an Initial Consultation of 60 – 90 minutes which will includes different methods of assessments depending on your physical, emotional, social and spiritual state and wellbeing

Initial Consultation may include many types of testing  and analysis :

Some of the assessments are:

  • Full health assessment, which include a case history (lifestyle, diet, current and past health factors)
  • Analysis & Diagnostics (as applicable to your case)

o  iridology assessment ( Physical and Emotional Analysis)

o  Skin, Nails detailed Analysis

o  Tongue Analysis

o  western diagnostics

o  blood glucose test

o  urinalysis pH

o  advanced Hair Tissue Analysis

o  salivary pH

o  zinc status test

o  pathology/referral requests

  • individual treatment prescription & health protocol
  • uniquely created dietary and lifestyle guidelines to follow
  • detailed naturopathic prescription


After your initial consultation we will thoroughly assess your daily diet, your lifestyle and your budget to give us a whole picture of your diet status and the best method to help you lose the weight and gain confidence.

Follow Up Consultation

Follow Up Consultation is 30 minutes – 60 minutes appointment and

may include:

    • 30 min appointment

    • 60 min appointment
    • assessment of Current State of Health

    • review treatment protocol, plans, programs and apply adjustments as required

    • follow-up consultation will include (where relevant) various diagnostics as per Initial Consultation

  • Analysis & Diagnostics (as applicable to your case)

    • iridology assessment ( Physical and Emotional Analysis)

    • Skin, Nails detailed Analysis

    • Tongue Analysis

    • western diagnostics

    • blood glucose test

    • urinalysis pH

    • advanced Hair Tissue Analysis

    • salivary pH

    • zinc status test

    • pathology/referral requests

  • updated treatment prescription & health protocol

  • revised dietary and lifestyle guidelines to follow

  • detailed naturopathic prescription


We appreciate that we all have days when we really are just too busy or too stressed to cook or even think about healthy food. But often the hard part is deciding what to cook, with the ingredients in the cupboard, in the time we have available. This is where a little bit of meal planning can help. Planning your meals for the week removes almost all the stress. With a little bit of planning, you will have chosen meals that fit how much time you have available to cook and you’ll have the ingredients at hand – so the cooking becomes enjoyable (especially with the new motivation techniques that you will learn in the program).

This Unique Program will Help you to:

Reduce Stress

Balance Hormones


Combat overeating

Identify Emotional Eating

Reset your Thyroid

Understand the connection between your emotions and the food you choose to eat

Feel comfortable and excited about your body

Understand how to maintain your ideal weight

Nourish your body with a real food

Create a positive mindset

Focus on the real food facts that matter to you

Identify foods that are compromising your weight goal

Find the first step to meeting the new you